The Cold-Pressed Truth: What Juice Drinkers Need to Know


What is HPP and why MANNA LIFE FOOD cold pressed juices are NOT treated by HPP


HPP is an acronym for High Pressure Pascalization (or High Pressure Processing), and it can most easily be understood as a preservation technique .HPP has been used in the United States since the mid-90s, when companies began using intense pressure (sometimes up to 120,000 pounds per square inch, or 10 times greater than the pressure at the bottom of the deepest ocean) to preserve guacamole, vegetable purees, meats and seafood. In the past several years, juice companies have learned how to harness HPP for their own Juice products, as it extends the shelf life of a juice for up to 45 days. HPP also requires the treated product to be packaged in plastic bottles, where as our packaging is in glass.

To further clarify this process, a carrot’s nutritional content will be very similar before and after HPP treatment, but if you look at it microscopically, there can be changes in the cell structure of the fruit or vegetable. These minimal cellular changes are not in line with our quality standards as they affect the product.

Our mission is to create non processed, pure, pristine, raw, cold pressed juices, without ever compromising the produce via any preservation technique. Our juices remain untreated in any way, truly making them RAW, which is a fundamental principal and expectation of our consumer and one of our core company standards. We do not believe in “artificial” extension of the lifespan of our juices in any way.

We employ a cold-pressed juicing process that maximizes the shelf life of our product and each juice is labeled with a ‘consume by’ date. It is safe to consume the juice within the ‘consume by’ date, but best not to consume beyond that point as the nutritional value of the juice will have diminished significantly and we advise not to. As a consumer it is important to check juice labels and ask how your juice has been treated.