The Manna liquid Cleanse

The liquid cleanse is perfect for eaters who want the benefits of a juice detox. By eliminating solid foods and adding more fruit and vegetable insoluble fiber to the diet along with enzymes and health promoting phyto-nutrienats concentrated in raw cold pressed juice. It can be accompanied by electrolyte-rich fluids such as coconut water and soothing herbal teas.


The Manna Raw Food Cleanse

The Manna Raw Cleanse combines the benefits of juicing along with raw plant based meals to provide live enzymes, real unadulterated nutrition and help boost the body’s ability to burn fat and to detox. By eating raw, live foods in our everyday diets, we harness the body’s natural powers to fight against chronic diseases. When you fast, or eat 100% organic, plant-based, raw, and living foods the body has extra energy. It uses that extra energy to push the toxins out of the body quickly.


The Manna Lifestyle Reboot

The Manna Life Food Reboot combines the benefits of cold pressed juice along with enjoying balanced plant based meals to help facilitate a lifestyle diet reboot. This cleanse can encourage the a long term diet change along with nourishing the body, jumpstarting weightless, promoting clear glowing skin, boosting the immune system, easing digestion and encouraging detoxification.

1 day includes
5 cold pressed wellness juices
1 nut mylk

2 days include
5 cold pressed juices
1 nut mylk
6 raw vegan dishes

2 days includes
5 cold pressed juices
1 nut mylk
6 vegan dishes