1. The best places to eat in Miami for vegans and vegetarians

    Being a vegan or vegetarian in Miami is no longer terrible. But the good spots, the spots that don’t relegate you to a tiny little corner of the menu, can still be hard to find if you don’t know where to look.

    These are what we consider 11 best spots for vegans and vegetarians to eat in Miami. Some are strictly animal-free, while others are not but offer amazing “veg” options.

  2. We’re not just about vaca frita: Miami named a top 10 vegan friendly city

    PETA just discovered what we already knew: that Miami – believe it or not – isn’t a bad place to be if you’re a vegan.

    The animal rights organization just released its Top 10 Vegan Friendly Cities in the U.S. list – and for the first time ever Miami made the cut, weighing in at no. 9

  3. Time Out Miami

    Manna Life Food, serving meals that nourish mind and body, makes it easy to come to terms with the notion that we are what we eat.


    Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner (a lo gringo cause they close at 7 PM), Manna has an extensive menu for veggie lovers. We caught our eye: Seaweed-based nori wraps and superfood arepas.

  5. Manna Life Food: Tastefully Healthy, Natural and Organic

    Chances are that when you hear the word “vegan” or “plant-based,” the immediate thought that comes to mind is “tasteless.” But what if I told you that I’ve tried one of the tastiest roasted veggie nori wraps? And a passion fruit cheesecake that has cheese only in its name, yet it’s completely vegan and completely amazing?

  6. How to dine out and eat organic in Miami

    Manna’s approach to organic eating is on a whole other level — but that’s a good thing. You won’t find bread-heavy sandwiches or wraps made with thick tortillas here. Instead, they’ve got their own way of doing things, like Life Bowls (like a roasted veggie and coconut brown rice bowl or one that features baked tofu, seeds and nuts, and edamame) and Noritos (burritos made with nori wraps rather than tortillas). But don’t be too intimidated — they’re a friendly bunch.

  7. Best of Miami® 2016 | Food & Drink – Best Vegan Lunch

    If your workday menu looks anything like the average Miamian’s, it probably goes something like this: cafecito, pastelito, colada, Cuban sandwich, café con leche. That’s why the 305 is in desperate need of a siesta come 3:05. Instead of putting yourself to sleep (and gaining an unpleasant paunch), opt instead for life-affirming superfoods for lunch…

  8. Manna Life Food: Meatless Mondays Made Easy

    This goes without saying, but we eat a lot. And many times, we leave a meal feeling stuffed and tired (and wondering how we’re going to burn the calories). Not so at Manna Life Food, a Downtown Miami plant-based eatery that specializes in food that’s not only good for you but also makes you feel good.

  9. The best places to eat in Miami for vegans and vegetarians

    Manna is a Downtown love fest of wellness and nutrition.  The menu is based on superfoods and engineered to add energy and sustenance to busy Miami lifestyles.

  10. Miami is no longer a terrible place to be a vegan

    Until recently, if you were a vegan or vegetarian in Miami, you were basically SOL, especially when it came to fine dining.  In a town where pork is not considered the “other” white meat, and even rice and beans usually contain meat products, scoring food without animal ingredients was a serious long shot.

  11. Manna Life Food’s Brunch Prix Fixe Offers Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

    Brunch might be the world’s best meal, but too much of a good thing — like sugar, fat, and booze — can be less than enjoyable, particularly when you have to go back to work Monday morning.

  12. Where to Brunch in Every Miami Neighborhood in 2017

    Brunch: it’s what we look forward to once the weekend roll around. Here, where to get your fix of pancakes, bacon, and booze regardless of what neighborhood you’re in.

  13. Vegan Brunch Saturdays at Manna Life Food

    Manna means “spiritual nourishment” and at Manna Life Food in Downtown Miami, their healthy, homemade, vegan dishes and drinks are definitely nourishing for your body and spirit. Manna Life Food opened its doors almost a year ago and has been an amazing addition to the growing Downtown community.

  14. Manna Life Food – Tasty, Healthy & Beautiful Energy

    Vegan fare is some of my favorite food to eat. I even keep a vegan house to balance all the other “food” I am constantly stuffing my face with for “work.” (I know rough life. I met the Manna Life Food owner, Sabra at a vegan cooking course and was instantly a fan.

  15. Thanksgiving 2016: A Guide to a Vegan Holiday in Miami

    Thanksgiving traditionally revolves around a roast turkey at the table, but why not buck tradition and celebrate compassion this year instead? Given what a rotten 11 months it’s been for almost everyone, there’s no better time to embrace kindness than by enjoying a vegan Thanksgiving.

  16. 6 Awesome Vegan Restaurants in Miami

    For decades, popular culture had a rather myopic view of Miami. Cuban cigars and Brazilian bikinis. Sun, sand, surf. Neon colors and flashy cars. Frozen daiquiris and Cuban sandwiches. Etcetera.

  17. The 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Miami

    Manna Life Food, serving meals that nourish mind and body, makes it easy to come to terms with the notion that we are what we eat. What’s the secret? Superfoods, nutrient-dense seeds, beans, greens and berries, which owner and nutrition expert Sabra Seligman sneaks into every dish, drink and cold-pressed juice she sells.

  18. A Quick Healthy Guide to Miami

    This plant based organic cafe serves up appetizing dishes that wont have you missing the meat. I’m not sure why vegan food gets a bad rap because this food is good and full of flavor. I could seriously list everything on their menu below, but I will stick to a few good staples.

  19. Where to find Miami’s most delicious vegan & vegetarian food

    The word “Manna” refers to food from heaven. At Downtown’s Manna Life Food, heaven is nature, and its food is the result of nutrient-dense, organic produce and ingredients, which together create a type of body-fuel that puts your all-time favorite junk food to shame.

  20. Superfood Juice Bar Manna Life Food Serves Up Divine Nourishment

    In a city that spends most of its time in crop tops, at the beach, and drinking into the late hours of the night (or early morning), it’s no wonder there’s juice bars popping up on every corner. But what about a superfood juice bar; one that’s dishing out arepas, noritos, and coconut ceviche. Enter Manna Life Food in Downtown.

  21. Manna Life Food serves Superfoods to fuel your busy day

    It’s easy to find French fries, cafecito, and sandwiches at downtown Miami’s many eateries, but superfood arepas and matcha cappuccinos are something new. And those innovative items are what make Manna Life Food a unique addition to the bustling neighborhood.

  22. Survival Guide // Miami Music Week 2016

    Get your Superfood and plant-based mix at Downtown’s newest eatery, Manna Life Food, before raving the day away in Ultra. Be brought back to life with herb detox shots or fireball recovery; get your nutrients in with their superfood arepas or life bowls…

  23. Episode 23 – Taste True Wellness with Manna Life Food

    Sabra Seligman is a fireball of energy and maybe that’s because the food she is serving at her new plant-based restaurant, Manna Life Food, is giving her all of that divine nourishment.

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    Sharing some press coverage from the wonderful Seed Food and Wine festival event that happened over the weekend.